Inscription au séminaire du 21 septembre 2018
August 17, 2018

TAQTIQ join forces with FPM360

Montreal, October 25, 2018 – TAQTIQ a treasury consulting and shared services firm and FPM360 which focusses on financial performance management and the first Kyriba platinum partner in Eastern Canada joined force to become a major player in the Corporate Treasury space.

Thanks to this partnership, FPM360 now has a strong Treasury Management practice comprised of Treasurers, Senior Consultants and technical experts helping all sizes organisations to develop insight, design tailored approaches, and ensure an efficient deployment of solutions.

“To support our growth and to making sure our customers gets the best services and support, the merge with FPM360 allowed us to quickly become a 50+ experts firm with the same determination to bring value to existing and new customers.” Says Jean-Michel Parizeau founder of TAQTIQ.

“TAQTIQ and FPM360 is a natural fit” says Hugues Lepage Executive Vice-President at FPM360 “At FPM360 we’ve been improving performance management cycle of many major corporations for the last 8 years, now with a strong treasury practice, it give us the ability to take an holistic look at the Finance function, in order to quickly target the most deficient practices preventing the organization from achieving its strategic goals.” Hughes Lepage, co-founder of FPM360, emphasis.

FPM360 treasury practice will offer professional services (including treasury function benchmarking and strategic reviews, M&A treasury function reviews and risk management framework reviews), liquidity and payments optimization solutions, Kyriba implementation services and finally, through TAQTIQ, TaaS services. TAQTIQ activities will focus entirely on the TaaS offering (Treasurer as a Service) for SME’s. This unique offering is to equip small and medium businesses with both tools and expertise. This new and unique service offering relies on all our clients using the same pre-built treasury platform to which the services of an experienced Treasurer is added on a part-time / shared basis.

“SME’s are not well served by the banks and often doesn’t have the knowhow and the resources to optimize the cash management and payments, thanks to our unique value proposition, we bring smaller organizations to a top-grade treasury department in just a few weeks at a fraction of the cost of what large organizations would pay” say’s Jean-Michel.